Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Country music

So have you ever been around baby ducks or chickens or full grown peacocks? If you are lucky enough to live in the country and have a love of animals - and birds - they are really awesome to watch and listen to. I had heard of the noise the peacocks made - but until this summer had never really paid attention at the zoos or other visiting places. It is so cool - like roosters, some people don't like it and other people can not imagine living without hearing it in the background. I grew up in the country - but never had anything more than cats and dogs - oh I had a salamander and a rabbit, but they died eventually, and mine just didn't seem to have much personality. My friend had geese and I was around them a little and liked the noise they made but never really paid much attention. Now I see how calming they can be and how listening to them is relaxing. Some people talk about how quiet it is in the country - lol - I guess they aren't really listening. The poultry, the owls, crickets - they have their own music to hear. I do know it sure beats the heck out of listening to traffic, trains, and sirens.

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