Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Excalibur Dehydrator 3926T

SO EXCITED! The dehydrator is ordered and hopefully on its way to being shipped to Indiana! I've ordered a couple books and already excited about making lots of wholesome snacks. I can't imagine giving up my chocolate - but hey - you never know. Looking forward to lots of different things, to try making pineapple chips or pieces or slices or whatever dehydrated pineapple is called. It will be interesting to try drying tomatoes - still a lot of testing to be done before all the vegetables start coming in from the garden.. We have cucumbers and tomatoes growing along with tons of snap peas. We finally got the sunflowers planted and I hope we can get homemade sunflower seeds! Even if we do nothing but feed them to the ducks and geese it will be fun. Hopefully the next time you see Excalibur in the post line - it will be with results!

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