Saturday, May 26, 2012

Swimming Pools, Dehydrators or Breadmakers!

A great day! Getting woke up out of a dead sleep to go swimming! Can't beat that - since it was almost noon and the temperature was already insanely hot. I played with our neighbor, Kelsey and the grand children in the water for at least an hour. In invigorated me enough to come home, rearrange my room to better accommodate the dog crate and to clean up some much needed laundry and craft projects. So, my laundry is done! I have clean clothes, clean sheets and my room is in some sort of organized state. Life couldn't be better! I would love to have a swimming pool - but NOT NOW! I can not imagine having a pool without a locked fence totally enclosing it. SO that will have to wait for a few years - or till next year when there are no children at this end of the property! Until then I am concentrating on how to save on groceries and making more wholesome prepared meals. I love bread and cooking, so I have done a lot of research on bread machines. I have done TONS of research on a food dehydrator and I am convinced the Excalibur 3526T is the one to buy - unless you want a larger one then I highly recommend the 3926T - they both have thermostats and timers, much needed if you plan on doing much dehydrating. Years ago I had a cheaper model dehydrator - the kind that has the heater and fan from the bottom - that requires rotating shelves, etc and can also cause blending of flavors. The Excalibur does not do that. It is located in the back of the unit which makes for better and more even distribution of heat. I can hardly wait to get one and start making fruit leathers, jerky, dried tomatoes, banana chips, apple chips, and even better dried pineapple!!! I'm torn between a couple different bread makers. Panasonic SD-YD250 and the Cuisinart CBK-200 I'm hoping to get some feedback from other bread makers to see what they have and they like before I purchase mine. But I hope to get one soon - its something else I can do to help around the house.... and I love to bake!

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