Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What a life - it is busy to say the least. Today I was up early - NOT sure what that was about. But I got some plants repotted into planters and watered the ones that were dying of thirst! Then took a much needed nap - it was quite hot and the sun was up high by the time I finished! After a much needed nap I found that Kelsey had already started putting together the sandbox that arrived via UPS today! She has never been much on tools and such so I was GREATLY surprised at how well she had done and watching the kids at the same time! Katelynn kept telling her mom that she was building a great house! It turned out beautiful! Daddy is going to pick up the 700 pounds of sand that is needed to fill it tomorrow and boy are they going to have fun! The children play in the sand now - we don't have soil, but sand for dirt - so having play sand in a box will be even more fun! I got some more plants into pots and watered even more flowers after Kelsey moved the heavy hose for me. The house is looking beautiful if I do say so myself! We do have lilacs planted into large pots for her house and I just don't know where to put the weigelea bush/plant so it is still in a large pot too! We hooked up the sprinkler to the hose so we could properly water the garden - but the vegetables are growing great so far!! It is only May and we already have green beans and sugar snap peas along with strawberries coming in!!! This is the first year for the strawberries so they are tiny, tiny, next year they should be awesome. What all is in the garden, romaine lettuce, head lettuce, green beans, sugar snap beans, cucumber, a few carrots, roma tomatoes, big boy tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sun flower seeds are going in tomorrow.... The ducks have a new house thanks to a great friend and neighbor - she recycled a former dog house that was larger than most dog houses - actually longer than most with a door in the center - perfect for ducks since they don't roost..... make that ducks AND geese. We have a total of 15 - 9 ducks and 6 geese. I know the geese are Toulouse and either African or Embden - they are beautiful so it doesn't matter and all extremely friendly too! The ducks are hmm Rouen, Pekin, and Khaki - all so adorable! I still want wood ducks when the time is right! Then we get to the chickens...... we bought some Bantams - sort of an accident - but they will be great pets anyway - not so much for the eggs, that is for sure!!! I beleive most of the Bantams are Barred Rock, but will have to double check... As for full size chickens, we have at least two of each of the following Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock and a Leghorn cross. Kelsey picked them out so I will have to check on other breeds - but these are all layer hens and one rosster so we can hear him crow - nothing I like better than listening to a rooster crow - some people hate it, but it reminds me I am in the country and loving it! We will keep chickens at both our houses and also sell cage free - partially free range - organic eggs to those lucky enough to find them available. OH - if you like to bake - try the duck eggs! They are totally awesome! Duck eggs are just about the same size as an extra large egg or even a little smaller as they are thinner - but they make everything you bake better! More moist - everything - just better all around. We have sorely missed having duck eggs. We will have goose eggs too - and they are equal to about 3 large chicken eggs for each goose egg. More research to do on dehydrating and vacuum air packing food for storage - later!

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