Wednesday, June 20, 2012


All I can say is WOW! If you have never tried dehydrated pineapple - find a natural food store and try some from there. After living near Indpls, IN - I had tried dried pineapple from Trader Joes - that is GOOD - but so is the dehydrated - and SO much cheaper! What is even better is there is nothing added to it - just plain pineapple! No sugar, no preservatives - nothing! Now, it is 2 a.m. and I am still up as I am too excited to sleep - why? First time making fruit leather. Not fruit rolls or rolled up sugar - no sir! Just peaches and applesauce! It is so good I just can't describe it! They are still dehydrating since we didn't check our timing - but we couldn't wait and pulled some of the dried fruit off the edges! YUM! This was our first time making them and I didn't read all the directions all the way through - so we mixed peaches with applesauce 50/50 - we could have done pure peach and just poured it on the sheets - but.... I had read that some fruits had to be mixed with others - didn't read everything. Peaches can be done alone, but boy is the combo awesome too! We have done bananas, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, gala apples, peaches and peach/apple fruit leathers - so far they are all out of the park! The first attempt - well, the fruit only lasted about 24 hours - lol - only because it was eaten so fast! I have a feeling this load of awesomeness won't last much longer! Its ok - we have more fruit to go in it tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ITS HERE!!! Excalibur Dehydrator 3926T

IT CAME TODAY! The Excalibur Dehydrator 3926T We got fresh fruit from the store and we are ready to try both dried fruit and fruit leathers! I am so excited. Tomorrow will be the first day for the dehydrator and it will take 8-12 hours to get results less for the fruit leathers. We will try different ideas and keep track of what works and tastes the best!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

who am I

Living vicariously - can be almost just as fun until you are alone.... then it is all just living. I'm trying to refocus on who I am, who I want to be and what I should be doing. The horses were always my passion, I can't be around them very easily now - either I can't do any lifting or I can't breathe - family, I wanted a large family....., cooking, I used to cook for all the volunteers and before that family and in laws, ............ I'm hoping to re-learn who I am..... I recently chatted with someone who let me know I was not alone. A relative had been in a diabetic coma and afterwards was all out of "sync" and trying to figure out who they were. It does make me feel better and to know that I am not alone, but it is still very frustrating. It is like I aged 10 years when I was in the coma. I was fine (all things considered) and had very few aches and pains prior and now I have hip problems aches and pains all over, I don't sleep well - before I could sleep anytime, anywhere and through anything! I know God has a plan, but I have so much jealousy and fear and just unknown feelings that I am at a loss.....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

looking for Mashed Potato Bread Recipe

I had a very old time recipe that had been passed down for generations - I have unfortunately lost it. It was for Mashed Potato bread and you used the water from boiling the potatoes plus using the Mashed Potatoes. It was for a large batch of bread that you could divide the dough into 4 or 6 loaves to freeze for thawing out at later times. It was a great dough for using to make cinnamon rolls, pizza dough - just about anything. I'll be searching, but if anyone has a dough that sounds like this one and would like to share it would be greatly appreciated. ******************************* I'm still waiting on my dehydrator - on pins and needles waiting for it - so I have been doing research to see how to make different items and how to go about dehydrating different vegetables that we are growing and of course those fruit leathers I am dreaming about. -------------------------------- The ducks and geese are growing by leaps and bounds! Oh My! They are almost fully feathered. The Pekin ducks ARE fully feathered. They are going out in the yard free choice and follow us back to the shelter with no prodding whatsoever! In fact if they see one of the grand babies they run for the shelter! They just want to pet them or hold them, but are not allowed to by themselves yet. but they run towards them and they know where to go for shelter!! They are just so fun to see and to watch them grow and become real birds and no longer babies. We are still weeks away from getting eggs...... hmmmm can we dehydrate those too??? Just in case we get overloaded and don't get the excess sold! :-)