Tuesday, June 5, 2012

looking for Mashed Potato Bread Recipe

I had a very old time recipe that had been passed down for generations - I have unfortunately lost it. It was for Mashed Potato bread and you used the water from boiling the potatoes plus using the Mashed Potatoes. It was for a large batch of bread that you could divide the dough into 4 or 6 loaves to freeze for thawing out at later times. It was a great dough for using to make cinnamon rolls, pizza dough - just about anything. I'll be searching, but if anyone has a dough that sounds like this one and would like to share it would be greatly appreciated. ******************************* I'm still waiting on my dehydrator - on pins and needles waiting for it - so I have been doing research to see how to make different items and how to go about dehydrating different vegetables that we are growing and of course those fruit leathers I am dreaming about. -------------------------------- The ducks and geese are growing by leaps and bounds! Oh My! They are almost fully feathered. The Pekin ducks ARE fully feathered. They are going out in the yard free choice and follow us back to the shelter with no prodding whatsoever! In fact if they see one of the grand babies they run for the shelter! They just want to pet them or hold them, but are not allowed to by themselves yet. but they run towards them and they know where to go for shelter!! They are just so fun to see and to watch them grow and become real birds and no longer babies. We are still weeks away from getting eggs...... hmmmm can we dehydrate those too??? Just in case we get overloaded and don't get the excess sold! :-)

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