Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flying a kite in January

So we survived some storms tonight. We are fortunate enough to have a basement, but it was not needed tonight. The tornado warning was just to the north of us and we still had powerful winds and rain that was unbelievable.

Living at the rescue farm we do believe that there is a God bubble over the property at least for the last 6 years. We have been lucky in not having any severe damage to the farm when the storms have gone through. Yes we have had trees come down, but not on a barn or near the horses.

On the other side - the weather was great all day before the storms came in. It got up to at least64 if not warmer. I was able to go outside, walk around a bit they'd went to the best kite flying spot on the property! The winds were great for flying a kite, especially for Katelynn who is 3.5 years of age and could have stood flying that kite for hours! It was past lunch time and time for naps, so we headed back to the house. What a great day for the. End of January!

Until next time!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold Weather - Football and COPD

As with most people here in Indiana - I'm ready for SPRING! Since I'm in South West Indiana we don't normally get too awfully cold, but it has been bitter cold this week. Possible ice or freezing rain over night - but it too will pass and it is supposed to warm up after this, warm being over 30 degrees. I'm more of a 70-80 degree person since I have COPD and emphysema along with arthritis - as a former smoker I just have to say that quitting smoking is the hardest thing I have ever done. I actually had one doctor tell me he felt that nicotine was more addictive than cocaine.... so I guess I have defeated something evil. There have been many days that I still want a cigarette, but all I have to do is try to exercise and that thought goes out the window. The thing with all the problems with smoking is.... I did enjoy it. What they do NOT tell you is that yes, if you quit your lungs can recover - IF and that is a BIG IF - you don't get COPD or emphysema. They can not be reversed. You are just screwed. So, I wish there was a way to explain it to people - it sucks, no two ways about it. Now I can't catch my breath - it doesn't feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest - it just feels like I can't get any oxygen in my lungs...... I can't. Spring will be here soon and hopefully it will be decent weather and I will be able to get outside and actually do some gardening or mow the lawn. Hopefully we won't have the heat indices we had last summer. I plan to use my treadmill as soon as they get it set up for me - and take my glyco pills and with any luck, I will make myself get better..... I have 2 football games left in the year - the pro bowl this Saturday and the Super Bowl in another week! Go Team!

Monday, January 7, 2013

BCS football game

Watching the Notre Dame vs Alabama game wasn't much fun if you were hoping for an Irish win... Congratulations to bama and the Crimson Tide. so the Indpls Colts are also done for the year. I'm not sure who I will root for through the playoffs and super bowl....but I'm a football fan, so I'll be watching from the couch!

Gone mobile

Howls, Trowels, and Spurs

keeping up

I'd like to keep up with the Jones`s but for now I'll just try to start keeping up with my blog. depression is really hard to deal with, especially after an illness. I've come to realize that medication can be a wonderful thing, at least it has helped me lately! I've come to realize that I have to make new decisions based on my health and that some dreams will not stay on my bucket list..... I can add new dreams. working on making homemade bread and using my wonderful dehydrator are on the backburner until it is a one family house! too many cooks in the kitchen DO spoil things lol. hopefully I will have my home to myself soon and there will be tons to blog about. In the meantime I hope you will keep watching for updates !!