Sunday, February 17, 2013

Allergies and without my dog

Several weeks ago I made the decision to have my dog rehomed. It was a very difficult decision nd one I made with much heart ache. Aspen probably saved my life when I passed out and was down for several hours. I was out cold and I was unresponsive at the hospital, I believe I owe it to him that he probably kept touching me to keep me breathing, but I'll never know for sure.

That made it even more difficult to make the decision to rehome him. However, now I can't breathe because of him. His smell and body odor make breathing so very hard for me and I have COPD and emphysema - if you know anything about that, you know breathing is a daily struggle without any additional interference - Aspen (my dog) was too large for me to bathe as he is 73 pounds. He does bathe easily, but it was still beyond my ability.

Having family that I could depend on to find him the right home made all the difference also. I have talked to Jamie several times about the people who have called that are interested in him. I am really hoping that the lady that said she may drive down today (Monday), will indeed come. She sounds like the perfect home. But we will wait and see. I pray that the right family/home is chosen. He is truly a dog that is willing to do whatever is asked of him.

Sine I am involved in the rescue and rehoming of horses, I truly understand what people go through when they give up an animal they love. We do the same thing with horses and finding them the right home, not just the first home that comes along. A former dressage horse will NOT make a good barrel horse - and will not train your 12 yr old how to ride. We do right by the horse and the adopter - sometimes they just don't agree.

I hope my family and friends know that I am hurting, but I will get another dog when the time is right. I had to make the decision that was right for me - no matter how much it also hurt.

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