Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eye glasses and swelling

I need new glasses so after getting everyone ready and loaded up, it was off to the optical store. It didn't take long to pick out glasses and decide on getting transition lenses - the kind that lighten and darken automatically.

Then it was meeting Tony at Menards to pick up windows and look at vanities for their house. The kids did great at both places. It was me who started getting cranky since I hadn't eaten all day!!

So we were off to dinner at Texas Roadhouse! I called ahead to make sure we could get seated and we got right in. Our steaks were awesome with salads and potatoes. It was all marvelous.... Until I began feeling my ankles swell. OMG. And swell they did! By the time we got home I could barely get my feet in my shoes. On went my anti swelling socks - whatever they are called- and up my feet went. I also started on the lasix pills to get rid of the water. I'll be miserable for a day or so, but boy it was worth it. Thank you Texas Roadhouse!

I won't get my glasses for a few days since I got transition lenses - so I'll be going to pick up some cheater readers until I get them in. Thank you Rose Optical for all your help today.

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