Here I will put information that I want to share regarding different gardening ideas, flowers and any other tidbits!

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  1. Gardening & organization
    I love gardening - I do have to say that I have a long way to go before I can do things the way I used to be able to. Since ending up in a coma a year ago, I don't have the agility or dexterity that I used to have. That has not even begun to start on the stamina, etc.... I love my flowers, I love the garden vegetables. All I can say is thank God for Kelsey. She does the majority of getting on her hands and knees to plant and put down the garden fabric and staple it down, run out to turn the water on for the garden, turn in off later and water all the outdoor plants that are in planters. I just can't drag 150 foot of hose around the house yet. I tried helping paint the new trellis - which made me realize how disorganized my mind is.... I started painting on the front, realized I couldn't paint the bottom (Kelsey said she would) so I keep painting and then end up painting on the back side. When my body told me I was done painting I was so upset. Look what I had done - thank goodness is was not a "masterpiece" I had skipped around on the front side not putting a full coat of paint on the whole front area I was to paint. I looked at the back side and saw the same thing. I had painted most of it but totally missed one whole board. WTH - As I laughed (what else could I do) I asked if this is how I do most things and found out that yes, my mind is scattered in just about everything I do. To know that I was responsible for so many thing before getting sick - just makes me ill to see what I do now. So, I am working very hard on completing tasks and being more organized - doing one project before moving on to another.The gardening is a good way to work things into organization - there are different projects and each project has things that need done. Rearranging hoses and making myself be responsible for certain things gives me a purpose - something that I have not had in a while...