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Reviews & Giveaway Sponsors: I'm willing to try almost anything, but my focus includes but is not limited to outdoors, gardening, books, dogs, horses, cooking & baking, indoor plants, appliances, and family friendly events in Indiana. If you are interested in having me do a Product Review and/or Giveaway please contact me via email me and provide me with the Contact Name, Company, Website, E-mail Address, and Phone Number.

I will write reviews honestly and without prejudice. Everything I write will be 100% my opinion and 100% true based on that opinion. I do not require monetary compensation for any reviews, however, all review items must not need to be returned. A great way to draw more readers is to provide a giveaway, this is not a requirement for me to write a review, just a suggestion. Giveaway items can include actual products, gift certificates, or promo codes. I prefer to receive review items, write the review with a giveaway and then contact your company with any giveaway winners names and addresses so that you can send items directly. I will not write a negative review, if I feel that the product will not work for my family or I, I will contact you directly.

Contact Information:
Please e-mail me for further information. All inquires can be send to specialk1118 {at} gmail {dot} com

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